Successful relationship with a supervisor online course

295.00$ CAD
  • Successful relationship with a supervisor online course

Successful relationship with a supervisor online course

295.00$ CAD

Online Training on Building a Successful Relationship with Your Superior

This online training is designed for those looking to improve the quality of their working relationship with their superiors. The relationship you have with your superior is a key factor in your professional experience, organizational climate, and psychological well-being. These individuals significantly impact your career path, involvement in new projects or responsibilities, and greatly influence your professional development and job satisfaction.

Adaptable to your pace, this training lasts about 3 hours. It offers tips and tools to develop or transform your relationship with your superior for the benefit of all. Available in French.

Strengthening the Bonds with Your Superior: An Essential Work Relationship

To strengthen the bonds with your superior, it is important to take a step back, understand the main pillars of upward relational effectiveness, and develop an effective relational strategy. To learn more about the importance of these relationships, we recommend reading this captivating article: The Importance of Human Connections at Work.

Course Outline and Learning Objectives on Building a Successful Relationship with Your Superior:

  • Understand the importance of positive relationships
  • Build a quality relationship with your superior
  • Understand the process of developing an upward relationship
  • Evaluate the current relationship and self-assess as a subordinate
  • 10 simple actions that foster the relationship with your superior
  • Reflect on creating a relational strategy

The FIRO Psychometric Test to Optimize the Relationship with Your Superior

In addition to this training, we offer the FIRO Business psychometric test as an option. This evaluation tool is specifically designed to deepen your understanding of relational dynamics with your direct subordinates, colleagues, and superior.

This psychometric test is a major asset for improving the quality of professional interactions within your company and enhancing your relational leadership.