Effective delegation online course

295.00$ CAD
  • Effective delegation online course

Effective delegation online course

295.00$ CAD

Online course on effective delegation 

The ability to delegate is a valuable ally for optimal time and resource management. Our online training provides you with the tools you need to effectively delegate tasks to your employees and ensure appropriate follow-up. By mastering delegation, you can improve productivity and build trust within your team. This training will help you understand when and how to delegate, while avoiding common pitfalls.

This asynchronous training, designed to fit your schedule, can be completed in about 3 hours. It allows you to progress at your own pace, while learning essential skills to become a more effective and respected leader. At the end of the day, knowing how to delegate isn't just about time management, it's also about leadership development. Available in French

Delegating effectively: a must for managers and leaders

If you find that you're frequently completing tasks that could be done by others, it's possible that you're not delegating as much as you should. The ability to delegate is an essential attribute of any successful leader. It is necessary to understand that you cannot do everything alone and that trust in your employees is important. Delegation is an effective strategy to lighten and distribute the workload, while leveraging your team's skills and building trust and cohesion within the group.

Course Outline and Learning Objectives for Effective delegation:

  • Implement delegation and overcome obstacles to it.
  • Management of priorities and letting go.
  • Discovery of the 7 degrees of delegation.
  • Putting into practice various delegation tactics.
  • Error prevention for successful delegation.
  • Conducting a delegation-focused interview.