Conflict management online course

295.00$ CAD
  • Conflict management online course

Conflict management online course

295.00$ CAD

Training on Conflict Management and Resolution

Our online conflict management and resolution training is designed to help you understand and develop your conflict management skills, which play a crucial role in our interactions with team, colleagues, clients, and superiors. This asynchronous training lasts about 3 hours. It is divided into modules that you can follow at your own pace. Available in French

Conflict Management: The Key to Harmonious Interactions

Learn how effective conflict management can transform your professional career. Our online training provides you with the resources and methods to manage conflict more effectively and to cultivate a more positive attitude in your workplace. By developing your conflict management skills, you not only improve your professional effectiveness, but also the quality of your interactions. This is the key to a balanced and harmonious working life.

Course Content and Learning Objectives

  1. Situate your position in the face of conflicts.
  2. Understand the different postures in conflict management.
  3. Consider the different internal actors and the culture of the organization.
  4. Understand the evolution of a conflict and prevent escalation.
  5. Explore various intervention strategies.

Continue your reflection with a psychometric test on conflict management

After completing our training, you may be interested in deepening your understanding of your own conflict management strategies. The Thomas-Kilmann Method in Conflict Situations helps you identify your personal conflict management tendencies and understand how they influence your interactions with others.

This test could be a great way for you to continue thinking about the concepts you learned during the training. It could also provide you with valuable information to continue developing your conflict management skills. We encourage you to consider this option as an additional step in your learning journey.