Managerial courage online course

295.00$ CAD
  • Managerial courage online course

Managerial courage online course

295.00$ CAD

Strengthen Your Leadership with Managerial Courage Training

Our online training on managerial courage aims to develop essential leadership skills by setting clear directions, addressing critical situations, solving problems with rigor and kindness, and making decisions in difficult times. This asynchronous training, lasting approximately 3 hours, allows leaders to exercise their authority effectively while maintaining healthy working relationships, based on strategies to navigate confidently through the challenges faced with their team. Available in French.

Deploy Your Managerial Courage According to Your Leadership Style

The training explores various approaches to managerial courage to help leaders understand and apply their courage according to their leadership style. The training places a particular emphasis on personal reflection and critical analysis, offering leaders the opportunity to step back and better understand their own behaviors, the obstacles encountered, and potential solutions.


  • Understand the principles of authentic and effective leadership.
  • Place managerial courage in various management contexts.
  • Recognize the indicators of a lack of managerial courage.
  • Identify the causes of inaction and the resulting consequences.
  • Maintain harmony in interpersonal relationships.
  • Implement managerial courage initiatives.


To further enhance your managerial courage skills, we invite you to discover our online course on constructive disciplinary review. This training, which is an integral part of managerial courage, will provide you with tools and techniques to approach difficult situations constructively and positively. Additionally, we recommend reading our blog article: “Courageous Leadership… What About It?” which explores the aspects of courageous leadership.