Constructive disciplinary review online course

295.00$ CAD
  • Constructive disciplinary review online course

Constructive disciplinary review online course

295.00$ CAD

Online course on reframing and constructive dialogue 

The constructive disciplinary review, often called “constructive reframing”, featured in our online training, is a valuable avenue for engaging in constructive dialogue. Available in French

The constructive disciplinary review is not a formal disciplinary meeting, but rather a preliminary stage before such actions are contemplated. It’s a phase where we’re still promoting constructive dialogue, making efforts to identify and rectify issues before escalating to formal disciplinary measures. We invite you to read our article: Beyond discipline: the reframing approach.

Provide Effective Feedback to Your Staff

Providing your employees with the right feedback is key. Unlike the formal disciplinary interview, the objective of reframing is to reach a constructive resolution without resorting to sanctions. Reframing an employee represents an opportunity to “set the record straight” and to have a beneficial effect on the rest of the team. It is also the possibility for the colleague concerned to reposition themselves regarding their commitment.

Assuming the Role of a Leader Using Constructive Realignment 

When a member of your team engages in inappropriate behavior, has relationship dysfunctions, or doesn't achieve the desired results, it falls upon the manager or the leader to step in. This intervention is not only a matter of management, but also a manifestation of leadership. As a leader, you have a responsibility to align your team towards improvement and success.

Course Outline and Learning Objectives for Disciplinary Constructive Review:

  • Identify problematic situations requiring action.
  • Learn the 5 phases of the realignment process.
  • Organize a process to initiate a change in the employee.
  • Finding a solution to a problem and suggesting solutions.
  • Avoid common mistakes during a constructive feedback interview.

With this online course, you can progress at your own comfortable pace and gain the essential skills to effectively conduct a reframing interview. This self-directed training spans roughly 3 hours.