This privacy policy applies to all our websites

If you continue to use our website or our services or if you submit your personal information to Proxima Centauri, you will be deemed to have given your consent for the purposes set out below, for which Proxima Centauri collects and shares your personal information.

The decision to provide us with or not your personal information comes back exclusively. As a rule, you can consult our website or contact us without having to provide your personal information. However, in some cases, it will be necessary for us to collect your personal information.

You can access and browse our site without disclosing your personal data. The identifiable information on the users we collect and keep is the information you want to provide us (by way of example, your name, address, telephone number and email address) using a form or by email. We do not use any personal information collection technique without your knowledge.

The information used is, among other things, those that you transmit to us through this site is for a request for information, the download of an ebook, to subscribe to our newsletter, to register for training, for to present you a submission, to apply for a job offer, etc.

Witnesses, commonly known as "cookies", is information recorded by an HTTP server on the hard drive of your computers and other electronic devices to identify these (and not the user). They facilitate navigation, in particular by memorizing your choice of navigation language or the pages you have visited during your visits.

Most browsers automatically accept the control files, but you can usually set yours so as to be notified of the requests for placement of control files and to be able to refuse them on a case or in block. Please see your browser help files to get help with a change in witness parameters or to delete control files.
You can configure your browser at any time to block the control files. However, this action may deprive you of certain features offered on our sites.

We use Google Analytics services for analyzing our websites and mobile applications. The information collected within the framework of these services is depersonalized, so that it does not make it possible to identify the users. This information is essentially used to assess your use of our websites, the number of visits, the pages consulted and the time spent on these pages, the source, as well as other statistics useful for the continuous improvement of our websites.

Your IP address is also collected, but it is anonymized to ensure the confidentiality of information concerning you. Anonymization of an IP address prevents the identification of a surfer by the latter.

Rather, this information allows us to better understand the behavior of visitors on our site and to ensure continuous improvement in your navigation experience.

If you wish, you can prevent Google recording from information relating to your navigation by installing, on your computer, the additional browser module for the deactivation of Google Analytics.

The use of your data is for some for which you have transmitted it to us. We do not sell, not exchange, praise or transmit to third parties in any way what it is no element of personal contact details collected online apart for recruitment projects because it goes without saying if you apply a job , you accept that your application is subject to the customer.

We can also use them to inform you about our products and services, new features, webinars, etc.

Proxima Centauri uses social media to increase its presence on the web, for business development and for recruitment.

Social media accounts are public and are not hosted by Proxima Centauri servers. Users who choose to communicate with Proxima Centauri through these media must read the terms of service and policies in terms of personal information from these third party service providers as well as applications they use to access them .

Some pages of our sites give links that connect it to other sites. Proxima Centauri is not responsible for the content of these sites or the practices which are followed by it with regard to the protection of personal information.

You have the right to access, modify or delete personal information about you. You can contact us by email

If you have any questions or concerns about this policy and the way your personal information is processed, you can contact the responsible person to enforce the Privacy Policy within Proxima Centauri:

Madame Mélissa David